Develop an employee volunteering program for your staff

Do you want your staff to be happier?

Volunteers are happier, healthier and experience higher levels of wellbeing than non-volunteers. Incorporating volunteering into your workplace can generate these benefits for your whole staff team. Employee volunteering programs can also assist with staff attraction and retention and build your company’s brand and reputation.

About employee volunteering

We can develop and manage an employee volunteering program customised for your business.

We match the skills, experiences and interests of your employees with worthy community organisations seeking volunteers. Each program is custom-designed, accessing our network of more than 170 member organisations and allows us to channel the right volunteers into the areas of greatest need.

  • Source placements for your volunteers from our membership base of over 170 volunteer involving organisations

  • Screen all member organisations to ensure appropriate volunteering roles exist and suitable infrastructure and support is in place

  • Match volunteering placements with your strategic business objectives
  • Train your staff to ensure a successful placement

  • Develop recognition strategies for your staff
  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness of the volunteering placement
  • Promote your business’ commitment to volunteering

What are the costs?

Each employee volunteering program is different so please contact us to discuss your requirements and request a quote.

Skills-based employee volunteering

Skills-based volunteering involves staff who have specific skills, which could be highly valuable to community organisations. Examples people with finance expertise, strategic business consulting experience, and legal professionals.

Staff can participate in skills-based volunteering by working to provide strategic advice or complete a distinct project. This type of professional development increases your staff satisfaction and retention.