Inclusive Volunteering Program

Our Inclusive Volunteering Program (IVP) is designed to help people with barriers to volunteering find meaningful volunteering opportunities. Barriers to volunteering may include medical or mental health issues or language or communication issues.

There is no cost to participate in the program and many former participants have developed new skills, gained confidence, experienced a reduction in social isolation and even found paid work. The organisations in which they volunteered have also reported positive outcomes, including a strengthened appreciation of diversity and a stronger sense of social inclusion in their workplace.

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IVP works with participants who

  • Are living with a disability or mental health condition; or,
  • Require additional support and assistance to be placed in a volunteering role

We are dedicated to working with anyone who identifies as having a barrier to volunteering so please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

To self-refer to our program please complete the IVP Participant Referral form below

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“I have made a lot of new friends through volunteering and it has restored my faith in humanity. I started volunteering with the SES because I wanted to make a difference and help make it easier for people to cope in difficult situations and to help the community. I do all the same activities as the SES team, except speak on the radio, otherwise it would only be a one-sided conversation! I have made a lot of new friends through volunteering and it has restored my faith in humanity.”

Sharlene Payne, ACT State Emergency Services
I feel proud to be a volunteer and it always puts a smile on my face. Nearly two years ago I started volunteering with the Red Cross Meals on Wheels Program. As a volunteer I help with the delivery of meals to people in the community and say a friendly ‘Hello!’. I feel proud to be a volunteer and it always puts a smile on my face. Volunteering has taught me to be calm and to do the best that I can. Every time I successfully complete a delivery it is the most rewarding experience.”
William Tyrell, Red Cross Meals on Wheels
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Become an inclusive organisation

Want to create an inclusive volunteering environment?

We provide support for organisations to include incredible volunteers who are capable and willing to add value to your organisation, despite the barriers they may have experienced.

We have worked with more than 40 organisations in Canberra to create inclusive volunteering environments for participants of the program.

IVP participants need to be placed in volunteering roles where coordinators and staff can provide the appropriate level of support and assistance. We can work with you to identify suitable volunteering roles in your organisation and advise on supports required. We will also match you with a participant who can add value to your organisation.

You can also help us by referring participants who already interact with your organisation who may be eligible for the program.

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