Inclusive Volunteering Pathways To Employment Program


The Inclusive Volunteering Pathways to Employment Program helps to reduce and remove barriers to volunteering and employment for people living with disability or on a mental health recovery journey. The Program supports participants to engage in volunteering as a pathway to employment. The Program also works with organisations to help them become more inclusive as they involve people with all abilities and from all backgrounds in their workplaces.

VolunteeringACT works closely with participants to understand their individual employment goals and support participants as they learn new skills and gain experience through volunteering.

There is no cost to participate in the Program. Former participants have developed new skills, gained confidence, experienced a reduction in social isolation and fulfilled their employment goals.

The Inclusive Volunteering Pathways to Employment Program supports participants every step of the way in their volunteering journey and ensures participants find a role that is rewarding and enjoyable!

Volunteering is widely recognised as a platform that allows people to build skills, create networks – socially and professionally – and as a way to contribute to the community. Through the Program, we match participants with meaningful volunteering roles that help build the skills, experience and confidence needed to work towards employment goals.
The Inclusive Volunteering Pathways to Employment Program also offers training, resources and one-on-one support to organisations. This encourages organisations to evolve their inclusion policies, removing barriers to engaging volunteers with disabilities. As organisations challenge stigma and misconceptions around disability and mental health and embed inclusion within their organisations, the Inclusive Volunteering Pathways to Employment Program aims to open more volunteering and employment doors to all members of our community – resulting in everyone having equal opportunity to participate in volunteering and paid employment.
- One-on-one support for participants to identify their employment and other goals and to find volunteering opportunities that help to work towards these goals.
- Ongoing support to ensure the participant’s volunteering experience is meaningful and helping to achieve their goals.
- One-on-one support, resources and training for organisations to equip them with the skills and knowledge to reduce and remove barriers to involving volunteers living with disability.
- Inclusion training for organisations to improve their inclusion culture, practices and processes.
The Program does not place participants in paid employment positions and cannot guarantee paid employment during or at the end of participation in the Program.

Become a Participant

The Inclusive Volunteering Pathways to Employment Program works with participants who:

are living with disability or a mental health condition


are seeking employment


are interested in volunteering

To self-refer to our Program please complete the Expression of Interest form below.

VolunteeringACT are dedicated to working with anyone who would like extra support to become a volunteer so if you do not meet the above criteria, please contact us to discuss other ways we can help you.

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Participant Testimonials

I was shy. I was focused on finding employment and I couldn’t find a job. Volunteering changed my life. Before volunteering I had limited interaction with others. Now I am able to interact with people, people from Australia and people visiting Australia. I’m learning about science; it is an interesting place to volunteer. I feel like an important person. I translate for Arabic visitors; I am part of a team. I feel like I have found my place. I feel Australian.

Program Participant, Canberra

My son’s volunteering is going well. He is happy doing his shifts. Volunteering is one of his best therapies and strategies towards job readiness. He has had a few job interviews lately and is currently awaiting 3 offers of employment in hospitality/food preparation. Keeping fingers crossed!

Parent of Program Participant, Canberra

I am delighted to inform you that I have been offered a job as an Administration Officer. It’s a permanent full-time opportunity. I will be forever grateful to you for assisting me via the Inclusive Volunteering Program. I will always be thankful to the volunteering community as well. Thank you for helping a mother to get back into the workforce after a maternity break. Thank you for being so helpful and supportive in my journey.

Program Participant, Canberra

Become an Inclusive Organisation

Is your organisation interested in creating an inclusive volunteering environment?

Australia is a long way behind the rest of the world when it comes to integrating and attracting differently abled people into the workplace. While 20% of people in Australia live with disability, people with disabilities face an unemployment rate of almost double that of their fellow Australians*.

People with disabilities and mental health conditions can face stigma and discrimination. Potential employers may hold misconceptions about what supports might be required and these misconceptions can contribute to a perceived lack of capacity for an organisation to reduce or remove barriers to engaging volunteers.

While the majority of Australian employers are open to hiring people with disability (77 per cent), a much lower percentage (35 per cent) demonstrate behavioural commitment to doing so+.

We provide support for organisations to understand how they can be more inclusive and to ensure their volunteering programs are accessible to people with all abilities and from all backgrounds. VolunteeringACT has worked with numerous organisations in the Canberra region to create inclusive volunteering environments.
Key to the success of the Inclusive Volunteering Program is organisations providing an appropriate level of support and assistance for their volunteers. VolunteeringACT can work with you to identify suitable volunteering roles in your organisation and can advise on any supports that may be useful. VolunteeringACT can also match you with a participant who will add value to your organisation.
- Online and face-to-face training and workshops on inclusion in the workplace
- Checklists for inclusive practices and language
- Resources on accessible workspaces and workplace health and safety
- One-on-one support about how to place the volunteer at the centre of understanding their support requirements
You can also refer participants who already interact with your organisation who may be eligible for the Program.
Contact us to discuss how your Organisation can get involved

Organisational Testimonials

I shared with my team my learnings from your course and we are all now working on implementing changes to how we recruit and how we work with different members of the community.

Inclusive Volunteering for Organisations Workshop Attendee

Helpful Resources

The IVPTEP Program is supported through funding from the Australian Government and delivered in collaboration with VolunteeringACT, Volunteering Tasmania and The Centre for Volunteering New South Wales.