The State of Volunteering in the ACT Survey is open, take part now!

This year, for the first time, VolunteeringACT is coordinating the biggest survey of volunteer management in the ACT: the State of Volunteering Report, and we want to invite volunteer managers, program leaders and CEOs to submit their responses. This is one of the most influential research projects with the power to influence policy and resourcing.

Why is it necessary for the ACT? 

Currently, our jurisdiction lacks accurate and up-to-date information on the size and scale of the ACT volunteering sector and its far-reaching impact across multiple service delivery areas, including how it contributes to economic, social, cultural and wellbeing outcomes and ACT government priorities.

This lack of data regarding the volunteer environment in the ACT might affect the sector, given that organisations don’t have access to solid information to make informed decisions about their volunteer programs. Also, as your peak body for volunteering, we would like to have more data available to support our decisions and shape the future of volunteering in the ACT.

Why should you get involved? 

This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard in a powerful research project and support the collection of current and quality volunteering data in the ACT. The survey data will be collated into a final Report and used in our Policy and Advocacy work, including the continued development of the ACT Volunteering Strategy and will also help us to support your organisation’s volunteer programs through tools, resources and advice.

Also, volunteer involving organisations can access the report and use the data internally to enhance their work or to build volunteer programs closer to the sector’s needs.

So if you are a volunteer manager or coordinator, program leader, CEO or lead volunteers in any capacity, you are invited to participate. There is no limit to the number of volunteer managers from an organisation that can participate, so please we encourage you to share this survey with the relevant staff in your organisation, your colleagues and networks.

Calling all volunteer managers! Please help us shape the future of volunteering in the ACT. The more responses we receive, the richer the final report will be.

Please note that the survey should only take around 10 minutes and is available in 11 languages to make sure everyone in our jurisdiction, no matter their background and native language, feel comfortable sharing their input.

Closing date: We have extended the closing date until Monday 31 July 2023.

More about the project 

The State of Volunteering Report is a research project conducted by an independent organisation in partnership with State and Territory Volunteering Peak Bodies and aims to provide a current snapshot of the volunteering sector across Australia.

The research also captures and quantifies the changing nature of volunteering in the population and in volunteer-involving organisations.

The methodology used in this project was first undertaken in Tasmania in 2014, in Western Australia in 2015 and again in Tasmania in 2019. Volunteering is defined in these reports as ‘Time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.’ This definition was developed by Volunteering Australia in 2015 and adopted by all state and territory volunteering peak bodies.